Please note this is a “sandbox” site.

34 Blocks is a flexible base WordPress theme exclusively used by Room 34 Creative Services with our clients. It is not currently available to the general public.

This may appear to be a (sloppy and incomplete) marketing site promoting 34 Blocks, but it is presently functioning as a “sandbox” for us to develop and test functionality, as well as to demonstrate feature to current and prospective clients, as needed.

If you are interested in working with us, or in using 34 Blocks for your website, please visit the main Room 34 Creative Services website for more information.

Thank you!

  • Easy and flexible modular content layouts for WordPress

34 Blocks is a highly customizable WordPress theme from Room 34 Creative Services. It makes extensive use of the WordPress Customizer along with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to take a modular, “building blocks” approach to creating web pages.

Mix and match elements on any page of your site to easily create a dynamic and engaging user experience. Plays nicely with popular plugins like WooCommerce, The Events Calendar and Gravity Forms too!

What about Gutenberg?

Compared to the new “Block Editor” (formerly known as Gutenberg) in WordPress 5.0, which is primarily a layout tool, 34 Blocks offers much more extensive functionality and configuration options within each type of block. However, being built on Advanced Custom Fields, which is compatible with the new Block Editor, it’s possible to combine 34 Blocks content and Block Editor content on the same page.